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Montego Bay Jamaica Weddings

Jamaica Legal Marriage RequirementsMontego Bay Legal Requirements

Guests to be married must be on the island two working days prior to the wedding. No blood test is required.

Please fax the following documents to your wedding coordinator at 876.940.8436, along with the completed, required Wedding Data form in order to reserve your desired wedding date.

All paperwork is handled by the Resort:

  • Copies of Birth Certificates
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Copies of photo ID (passport or drivers license)
  • Copies or original divorce papers (if applicable)
  • Copies of death certificate ( if widow/widower)
  • Copy of adoption papers also reflecting name changes (if applicable)
  • Copy of name deed if other than that stated on the birth certificate which is not associated with a marriage or adoption
  • Legal translation of documents to English where originals are in another language

During the wedding, you will be required to sign three Marriage Registers, in addition to the signature of your witnesses (two will be provided, in the event you do not have your own), and the Minister’s signature. The Minister will then give you one of the Marriage Registers known as the “Bridal” copy and the other two will be used to apply for your Marriage Certificate. This is a legal document with a raised seal and the Jamaican Coat of Arms and is legal worldwide. This Certificate takes some time to be processed and will be mailed to you once ready.

There will be an additional US$27 surcharge that will be required for you to pay on arrival. This will be mandatory for the Resort to send your certificate directly to you by courier (FedEx). As this document is highly important and irreplaceable, it is recommended that these prior arrangements are made to ensure its safe and quick delivery.

Please bring all original documents to your Wedding Coordinator upon arrival.

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