Girls Getaway

Like one size, it doesn’t fit all

A girls’ vacation isn’t one thing for all girls. Like one size, it doesn’t fit all. It may comprise sisters or mothers, cousins or best friends, a club or organization comprising females only, or different mixes of all these things.


And what that means is that a girls’ trip can mean so many things and have so many different purposes. The reasons for the getaway could be plain old fun or to recharge tired batteries. Maybe it is about reconnecting with great friends or experiencing new and different things. It could be about health and wellness or a spiritual journey.


At the Holiday Inn Resort in Montego Bay, our property has a diversity of offerings to suit the needs of any type of girls’ getaway. And the same can be said for the city of Montego Bay which provides a variety of places to visit and things to do.


If your trip is all about health and wellness we’ve got volleyball courts, a spa and salon, outdoor pools, and a well-equipped gym.


Spa amenities include hydrotherapy, masseuse, sauna, and steam bathing while treatments feature body wraps, scrubs, and facials as well as foot baths and foot and neck reflexology. Enjoy our paraffin hand treatment, manicures, pedicures, and other beauty treatments.


Someone once said, “the greatest gift to yourself is a little bit of attention”.


Then there’s the gym fully stocked with rower, stair stepper, treadmill, elliptical machines, free weights, and stationary bicycle. It also has a beauty shop and on-site aerobics instructor. Montego Bay is a decent-sized city and you can also arrange for specialized fitness trainers to visit and conduct the kind of sessions you have in mind.


Of course, health is important but sometimes girls just wanna have fun, don’t they. And there is no shortage of that at the Holiday Inn Resort. We’ve got plenty of night entertainment featuring great music and great dancers, singers and musicians who can put on quite the show.


And how daring are you when it comes to fun? Well, you can answer that question yourselves if you fancy a full-body tan at the adult pool and bar. Didn’t we say we have something for everyone?


We’ve also got our casino if you want to do a little gambling between all your other activities.


Outside our walls, you will find a lot to do to add so much flavor to your girls' escape. Montego Bay has great restaurants that offer many choices in terms of cuisine and ambiance. From the Mystic Thai restaurant which serves a mix of Thai and Indian culinary delights to the Houseboat, a restaurant that is an actual houseboat in a lagoon, to a variety of Jerk centres offering jerk chicken and jerk pork there is a lot to choose from.


There are restaurants specializing in Jamaican cuisine like The Pelican Grill and there are those that specialize in seafood like Sky Beach just outside the City. Take your pick.


If it’s the party vibe you’re chasing we would recommend the world-famous Margaritaville or the local favourite Pier One club that’s always hopping on a Friday night.


Now girls, similar to guys, love adventure, and Montego Bay is centrally located for you to take some of the best tours on the island. There are too many to list in this post but your vacation planner or our hotel tour desk can help you plan visits to nature attractions, beaches, soft adventure activities, historical and cultural sites and so much more.


For those of you looking for something more spiritual, our sales team can connect your group with churches and organizations that welcome visitors to the island who want to contribute to the society here in some way or hold religious events and activities. Maybe you would like to connect with women’s organizations in Jamaica?


Speaking of events, you will also find the hotel’s two meeting rooms more than adequate for events and any kind of meeting you may have in mind. We have the necessary equipment, specialized menus and event coordinators for whatever you have in mind from a bachelorette party to a conference for women.


We’re well aware of how important these getaways are for women and we know there is always more to these trips than meets the eye. Whether it is just fun or the fulfillment of deeper motivations our experience has taught us that women prioritize themselves on these journeys which hold great meaning for them.


Connect with us ahead of your visit and let us start prioritizing you before you arrive.