Our Top 6 Instagrammable Areas at Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay

Our Top 6 Instagrammable Areas at Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay


Everyone wants to share the thrill of an amazing vacation. In the era before the internet and social media, you took your vacation, enjoyed the experience and then went home to talk about it. The conversations were even better once you developed the pictures and shared them when you got together with friends.


All that has changed of course. Today we communicate that vacation in real-time as it happens and there is no better tool to do that than the world’s most popular photo-sharing app, Instagram.


There is no shortage of “Instagrammable” locations in Jamaica thanks to the island’s natural beauty consisting of sea, sand, varying types of vegetation, the highest mountains in the Caribbean, amazing cuisine, unique architecture and more.


At the all-inclusive Holiday Inn in Montego Bay, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the Instagrammable experience of the island begins right here at the hotel. Located on the azure Caribbean sea and complemented with our tropical decor and well-tended outdoor patios, walkways and gardens, the resort is a microcosm of the island, full of charming locations that reflect the paradise beyond its walls.


So let’s clue you in, to the most Instagrammable locations on the property so you can start sharing your vacation with friends as soon as you arrive. Take a walk with us:




The Shangri-La courtyard is situated in the hotel lobby and is the first instagrammable location you will encounter when you arrive. Oriental decor meets the Caribbean in an indoor setting that feels like the outdoors in this resting area where you can sit, enjoy a drink, watch people go by, and contemplate “what next” for your Jamaican vacation.


Tek-It-Easy Island


Everyone in Montego Bay knows about Holiday Inn’s Tek-It-Easy island. Located just off the beach you can wade your way to this quaint white sand isle and kick back under a coconut tree. It’s like one of those cartoon islands where you’re happily stranded with your significant other to chill out for the rest of your days. It’s like Castaway, except you don’t want to be rescued. It’s also an exotic wedding venue.


Jerk Hut


Most people arrive in Jamaica with the priority of finding a good Jerk restaurant, enjoying some delicious jerk pork or jerk chicken, and Instagramming the experience, of course. Well, you can do all of that right from your hotel. Our Jerk Hut has the added advantage of having the blue Caribbean Sea as its backdrop. Snap your pics of that succulent jerk chicken, enjoyed by the ocean, and share this moment of a life well-lived.


Big Smaddy


Big Smaddy meaning “adult” or “big person” is the swim-up bar at our adult swimming pool. The pool is located in a private, secluded corner of the hotel with an adjacent beach. The pictures you take are none of our business. Next!


East Beach at Sunrise


Another one of our fabulous wedding venues. It’s also an early morning Instagrammer’s dream. Catch paradise when it’s fresh and alert at the start of the day and your mind is sharp enough to come up with the perfect caption for a white sand beach greeting the warm Caribbean Sea. If you’re still a bit dull or groggy from the night before, a simple “Good morning” is enough to introduce your photo.


West Beach at Sunset


West Beach is our adults-only beach. And being on the western end of the property it is the perfect spot from which to capture a spectacular Jamaican sunset. Instagrammers spend a lot of time chasing our legendary Jamaican sunsets when they visit the island. But there’s no need for any running or chasing here. Every evening the sun stops at West Beach before it goes home for the night.


Other Top Spots


Of course, these are our top picks at the Holiday Inn Resort, Montego Bay, but we are sure there are other great spots on the property, so please feel free to share your top picks with us and the rest of the world!