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Let's Help You Plan!

Allow our expert team to create a romantic escape in paradise for your wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal. 

For further information on weddings, or if you require group rates for 10 or more rooms, please contact us directly at:
Phone: 876-953-2485

Toll-Free 1-888-288-6006


Fax: 876-940-8426

Legal Requirements

The hotel requires that guests to be married must be on the island 48-72 hours prior to the wedding. NO BLOOD TEST REQUIRED. Please scan and email to or fax to 876-940-8426 the documents requested below along with the completed Required Wedding Data form in order to
• Proof of Identification - copies of birth certificates and any other government-issued identification
• Proof of Divorce Decree - copy or original certificate of divorce (if applicable), copy of death certificate
in the case of widow/widower
• Copy of adoption papers also reflecting name changes
• Copy of name deed, if other than that stated on the birth certificate, which is not associated with a marriage
or adoption
• Legal translation of documents to English where originals are in another language

All paperwork is handled by a licensed Minister on behalf of the Hotel and goes to the local government offices for processing. During the wedding you will be required to sign three Marriage Registers, in addition to the signature of your witnesses (two will be provided, in the event you do not have your own) and the
Minister’s signature. The Minister will then give you one of the Marriage Registers known as the "Bridal" copy and the other two will be used to apply for your Marriage Certificate. This is a legal document with a raised seal and the Jamaican Coat of Arms that is legally recognized worldwide. This certificate takes 6 - 10 weeks to be processed and will be couriered to you. Kindly provide your Wedding Coordinator with your current mailing address for your Wedding Certificate to be couriered to you as this service is included in your package. For couples interested in bringing their own Minister and/or processing their own legal documents may do so at no additional cost; however, this choice does not change the cost of the wedding package selected. For some European countries, the Marriage Certificate (once processed by our local government offices) has to be validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local Consulate for the respective country. This process is mandatory and will attract an additional processing fee of US $100. This process will also take an additional 2 - 3 weeks; hence the certificate would be ready in 10 - 13 weeks.

Non-Resident Guests Attending Weddings

We wish to advise you that as our valued all-inclusive wedding guests, the Resort allows non-residential persons attending your wedding, access to the property thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of your wedding. We require that they stay within the immediate area of the wedding at all times. As a policy, only resident guests are allowed on the guest floors. We recommend that your non-resident guests arrive at the Resort appropriately & already dressed for your event. Non-resident guests will be required to purchase a day or night pass should they desire to use the property’s facilities. Picture identification is required to be left at the Front Desk for all passes issued.

Adult - US $85.00 and Children - US$ 65.00 between 9:00 am-5:00 p.m.
Adult - US $95.00 and Children - US$ 75.00 between 6:00 pm-2:00 am.
(Rates are subject to change without notice)
This policy and access as it relates to non-resident guests are strictly enforced. We ask that this be clearly communicated to your guests prior to their arrival on the property.

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