Make Rum Apart of Your Jamaican Plan


Jamaican rum is more than an alcoholic spirit. It is about culture, history, tradition and Jamaican pride. It is a bi-product of the sugar industry which dates back three centuries spanning the eras of colonialism and slavery to independence and a modern Caribbean nation. 

Rum is manufactured from sugar cane residues or molasses and is blessed with an endless variety of flavours thanks to each brand adding its own nuanced twists to the production process. Varieties of yeast, the type of pots in which the distillation takes place, fermentation vats, the length of the ageing process and the blending together of different rums all influence the final taste.

Jamaica boasts brands that have been successful both locally and overseas winning international accolades and awards. The island also exports bulk rum which is used in the process of making other rums.

Rums, like those manufactured by the Hampden Estate and Distillery are exported to be utilized in the production of foods like chocolate and Haagen Dazs rum and raisin ice cream or in the production of perfume and colognes like Chanel.

But if you’re visiting Jamaica it’s quite likely your interest is in tasting and drinking our amazing brands. 

Among the popular products are Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum, Appleton Estate 12 Year Old Rare Blend, Hampden Estate Pure Single Rum 46% ABV, Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, Blackwell, Rum Fire, Myers Original Dark Rum and many others.

A little research will tell you what you need to know about prices, age or how rare or available each brand is. Don’t be afraid to pick the brain of your hotel bartender to learn more.

You may want to approach your rum-drinking experience like a connoisseur drinking it straight or adding as little as possible.  Or you may have your head turned by all the drink mixes available at the bar which involve different brands or varieties of Jamaican rum.

The beauty of visiting Jamaica is that your rum experience can go beyond just tasting and drinking. Visit our tour desk to find out about rum tours near you that allow you to experience firsthand the processing of the product as well as its fascinating story which is tied to Jamaican history and culture.

The Appleton Estate Tour involves Jamaica’s most well-known brand while the Hampden Estate Tour explores one of the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica. Though one brand is more famous than the other, both have attained success and recognition.

These tours involve tasting, viewing the different aspects of the production process, walking through the grounds and learning about the history of the estates, brands and their ownership.

So while that rum drink on the beach, or at the bar or pool party is synonymous with a good time in the tropics it can offer so much more to a deeper vacation experience. Make it a part of your Jamaican plan.

The Appleton Estate - St.Elizabeth

Photo by: Viator