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Life can truly be paradise, one just has to keep focussing on the positives and living your best life! We hope to share with you some really cool articles on Jamaica and just how simple pleasures can be real treasures. 


The Jerk Cuisine Experience

We could sit and talk about the ingredients that go into the preparation of a great jerk chicken or jerk pork. You would learn a lot. But it wouldn’t help you understand what you’re missing if you haven’t yet tried this unique Jamaican cuisine.

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Girls Getaway

A girls’ vacation isn’t one thing for all girls. Like one size, it doesn’t fit all. It may comprise sisters or mothers, cousins or best friends, a club or organization comprising females only, or different mixes of all these things.

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Make Rum Apart of Your Jamaican Plan

Jamaican rum is more than an alcoholic spirit. It is about culture, history, tradition, and

Jamaican pride. It is a by-product of the sugar industry which dates back three centuries

spanning the eras of colonialism and slavery to independence and a modern Caribbean nation. 

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Our Top 6 Instagrammable Areas at Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay

Our Top 6 Instagrammable Areas at Holiday Inn Resort Montego Bay


Everyone wants to share the thrill of an amazing vacation. In the era before the internet

and social media, you took your vacation, enjoyed the experience and then went home

to talk about it. The conversations were even better once you developed the pictures and

shared them when you got together with friends.


All that has changed of course. Today we communicate that vacation in real-time as it

happens and there is no better tool to do that than the world’s most popular photo-sharing

app, Instagram.



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The Luminous Lagoon

Whether you are soaking up the sunshine on the white sand beach of the Holiday Inn

Resort Montego Bay or taking a dip in the hotel’s inviting swimming pool it is easy 

to forget that Jamaica is a lot more than sea and sand. Many visitors are surprised

to realize just how much there is to see and do on the island. 

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